The Forever Buffs Network Mentorship Program is an opportunity for CU Boulder alumni and students to foster meaningful relationships that will set the mentees up for success in their future careers and life beyond CU. The program includes both alumni-to-alumni mentorship and alumni-to-student mentorship, enabling alumni to share their professional and personal experience and expertise with current students and young alumni. The only requirement is that participants register in the Forever Buffs Network

This year’s mentorship program will also feature subgroup opportunities that offer more specialized community-focused resources and engagement along with all the regular mentorship program benefits. 

2022–23 Mentoring Subgroups:

  • The College of Engineering and Applied Science

  • The College of Media, Communications and Information

Getting Started for Prospective Mentors and Mentees

  1. Register or log in to the Forever Buffs Network website.
  2. Update and complete your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” on the top right.
    1. Upload a professional photo.
    2. Include professional, academic and volunteer experience. We encourage you to include as much additional “Other Information” to ensure you have the most robust profile for creating a mentorship match.
    3. Update the industry, location and mentorship type fields.
    4. Under the “Offer Mentoring” section:
      1. If you are an alum offering mentorship to a student or a student seeking mentorship, select “Be a mentor/mentee with a current student.”
      2. If you are an alum offering mentorship to other alumni or an alum seeking mentorship, select “Be a mentor/mentee with an alum.”
    5. Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page to save all changes.
  3. Join the Forever Buffs Network Mentorship Group. The group opens on Oct. 3. Details will be communicated via email upon completion of the steps above.
  4. Take note of key dates and review the documents under the resources tab. Stay connected in the Mentorship Group for important updates, reminders, and action items.

Sign up / log in

Please visit the Forever Buffs Network for resources for both mentors and mentees. If you have questions, send us an email.